Trying to Find the Words...

Ok, I'm trying to make this blog a place of fun and a place where people can sit back and browse some interesting things. However sometimes things happen that really must be addressed.

Reality TV can sometimes be shameful entertainment, however every now and then it comes across just right. "All-American Muslim" a new show providing an educative experience has been the cause of controversy even before it first aired. This past week, Lowe's Home Improvement store decided they would no longer support the show and has pulled their commercial from airing during this program.

I have had a wide range of emotions regarding this…

So what do I like about "All-American Muslim"? I like that it is a positive use of media. This show is positive because it educates those outside of the Muslim faith. For those who have wondered about the religion and what it stands for.

What I find sad, is that 10 years post 9/11 we require a reality TV show to help educate people who live in a seemingly free and accepting nation.

I am appalled and sick over the fact that grown adults who should know better, are creating and encouraging hate!

I was taught to ask questions when I didn't understand something. I was raised to overcome my differences with others and to work together. So when I hear the controversy regarding a show with the intention of educating and uniting I am disgusted.

For Lowe's, The Florida Family Association, Kayak and anyone else who stands on the side of ignorance rather than understanding you are a disappointment. The magnitude of your decision goes beyond saving your advertising dollars, it moves our world backward.

I remember watching Anderson Cooper a few weeks ago and the families of "All-American Muslim" were featured on this particular episode. It was a very interactive show, taking comments and questions from the audience. One comment from the audience struck a cord with me. The comment was regarding acts of evil and association to religion; The audience member reminded us the KKK was associated with the Christian religion. If history has taught us anything we should know better than to pass judgement on an entire group of people because of the actions that some have made.

Ask yourself what do you stand for?