Thoughts on the Lowe's Controversy

So I'm very happy that Lowe's withdrawal of advertising from All-American Muslim is getting such widespread, mainstream coverage and petitions are popping up all over the place with people sounding off on how ridiculous it is. HOWEVER, there are lots of other companies that aren't willing to back the show either, so why so much focus on Lowe's? I mean, I know Lowe's released the most inarticulate, vague press release ever regarding the issue, but I feel like we're only emboldening the company and the ignorant folks who will now see Lowe's as a great, traditional American business that is just exercising its right to advertise wherever it pleases.

I also think we need to pair our outrage over Lowe's cowardly stance by making sure people know that this show, while it has its drawbacks, is still about ordinary American Muslims and shows a positive portrayal that many Americans-heck, even people globally-have never seen. This is not propaganda. This is PROOF. This is proof that there are regular Muslims who are against terrorism, honor killings, inequality, extremism, oppression, misogyny etc. etc. etc. on the list of things we apparently stand for.

No, it doesn't cancel out the existence of crazy Muslims out there doing crazy things, but you know what the existence of crazy Muslims SHOULD NOT cancel out the existence of regular Muslims! Don't tell us that we can't accept these families on the show because they are only 5 families. What about all the rest of us living here in America? Are you going to tell us we don't exist either? That our lives as hard working, educated, socially responsible citizens are going to make everyone that knows us or works with us unsafe because they will be less prepared to face an oncoming threat from bad jihadist Muslims?

For the love of God, there is no such thing as taqiyya! Can you believe there are people so stupid to make up a concept of taqiyya so they can criticize every honest, good thing Muslims do by saying we're just lying as our religion tells us to do so we can secretly take over the world?

I'd just like a single person who opposes this show or the CEO of Lowe's to explain what repulsive, un-American, unsightly thing is on there that makes you so proud that Lowe's has withdrawn its advertising. I'm glad there's a discussion happening, but I want the discussion to get to the bigger picture and that is: how do we get the proper portrayal of American Muslims to be accepted sincerely and honestly? Is it ever possible to stop a minority of opposition like the FFA from having such large influence in the public sphere?