The Truth Has Set Me Free

Asalaamu alaikum. Peace to all who read this. My name is Saif Allah Downs. I'm a 31 year old revert to Islam. I was a Christian for many years but never truly satisfied that I had found my home, the place where I belonged. I had struggled to understand my faith and that led to somewhat of a dilemma where I found myself jumping from denomination to denomination trying to find the truth that I sought in Christianity. I looked and looked and looked some more but never found it. I really didn't have that many rules and guidelines to live by according to the Bible and I was happy with that because I was lazy and didn't put much effort into anything that I did. So I was fine with this. But there came a day where I was not fine with how I was living, my belief in God and my fellow man. I was lost. I found my home in Islam. But it was a long trip that encompassed many different paths till I found the right one. But I'm being told by people that are like I once was - hateful and a bigot - telling me that I'm wrong for choosing this path. I can't blame them really, for what they believe. I really can't. I was once there. And the news, other media, and even school and college books portrayed Islam in an uncertain and dark light. But I came to understand that Islam is NOTHING what I thought it was. It is a way of life that requires peace, understanding, compassion, honesty and much more. These things are now what shape my life. They make me who I am today. I just pray that those reading this that don't know about Islam will find it in their hearts to pick up a Qur'an and read. Read the words that Allah (God in English) has given as a guide and a judge of mankind. Please, read and understand.