Community Friends

I have met many Muslims in my life, but I have never gotten to know any Muslims very well until the last few years. We have a lovely Muslim family living down the street from us with children the same age as ours. All the kids love to play together and the mom and I get along very well. She is an intelligent, funny, warm, loving, generous person, the best kind of person you could ever hope to meet. She is modern and knowledgeable, a world traveler. It is really an aside that she happens to be Muslim. She does wear the head scarf and dresses modestly, but you start to forget about that after you know her. Her scarves are very fashionable and she always looks great.

So, after a while, you forget that she has her head covered in a different way than the average woman in our community. You just love the person so much you don't notice the little details anymore. And it is easy to love this family, they are marvelous. They represent, to me, the best of what the USA has to offer - kindness, generosity, fun, thoughtfulness. They are not really all that different from any other family. They just happen to practice a religion that is in the minority in our community. No biggie.