If Only....

I have found the more I travel and see, first hand, people of other cultures interacting with their loved ones, the more I realize we are ALL just doing the best we can, trying to raise our children, make a living, be happy and successful.

This was never more fittingly demonstrated than during a trip I made to India three years ago. My tour guide was a young Muslim man by the name of Arif. He was extremely knowledgeable about his heritage as an Indian. He knew all about the Mogul Empire, yet his grasp of English and current events amazed me even more.

It was his depth of emotion for all humanity and his compassion that really touched me. We were able to have many candid conversations about the US vs India, Muslim vs. Christianity, and I feel we both gained from the exchange.

I have been truly honored to have met Arif and grateful for the opportunity to get to know a Muslim on their own 'turf,' where he lived without fear of recrimination or prejudice.

If only it were so in the US, where so many of us are NOT native to this soil…