A Model Community

It's hard for to imagine not ever having met any Muslims. I don't have any particular stories, because I see and interact with Muslim people every day: I live in Fremont, CA, and they make up a lot of my neighbors, the people who sell me delicious food, the people who smile at me at the check-out stand, the people next to me in the restaurant, the people buying the same book that I'm buying at the bookstore, the other patients waiting to see my doctor, my fellow students when I was in graduate school and later when I was taking Japanese at a community college, and so on. Some are obviously Muslims, some aren't.

If anyone is worried about what it looks like when you have a lot of Muslims living in a community, they should come here. It looks like parks full of happy kids, a busy library, and a wide variety of restaurants, from diners with short stacks and chicken-fried steak to Pakistani-Italian cuisine and restaurants that serve halal Chinese food. Low crime and lots to do, and you won't have any problems meeting Muslim citizens. ;)