Fellow Students

I first got to know some Muslims when I started studying at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. About a year into my program, I switched to the department that encompasses studies of religious traditions other than Christianity (the GTU is made up of predominantly Christian institutions).

In particular, two men started two years after me, and they moved into the same apartment building on the floor below me. I have found them to be wonderful people, always wanting to be helpful in whatever way they can be. In addition to being in the same department, we have also taken some classes together, so I have gotten to know them and their work better.

Before meeting them, I had never really thought about what Muslims would be like; although I knew 9/11 was blamed on Muslims even then I thought that those responsible were more extremists than true Muslims. But now that I have met these men, and others since, I am sure of it. Now, if you tell me someone is Muslim, I am more inclined to attribute good qualities to them.