American Girl Converts to Islam

Hi everyone. My name is Jovi. I am 24 year old female who lives in South Carolina. Awhile back I met this awesome guy named Soufiane who lives in Morocco. We started out as friends and we began to grow in a very special relationship. As we grew, I began to fall in love with Soufiane and I wanted to understand him more, so I started with his religious beliefs. He is Islamic. The more I studied Islam, I began to see that the Islamic religion was for me, so I converted. Soon afterwards, I met Soufiane's family and we became engaged. I decided that since we were engaged and living in separate countries, I would hide my hair and body to keep our relationship sacred. Since I now had to cover my hair and body and no longer dressed "sexy", I had to tell my family about my conversion and my engagement to a Moroccan man. When I did, my father went raging mad and hit me. I had to have a new place to live, but that meant leaving my children behind with my father because he did not allow me to take them due to his anger.

So now I live with Steven, my best friend, and his grandmother and mother. Well Steven's grandmother and mother know nothing about my conversion and I am afraid to tell them because of the reaction from my father. Now I am seeking a new job, and when I go places people stare at me and pass their judgements on my religion, due to 9-11. I went to the library yesterday, where I saw an African-American Muslim Woman and asked her where she got her coverings, and she refused to talk with me. I went to get a haircut today and one lady refused to cut my hair. I also keep my eyebrows waxed, and I had to get that done today too, so I went to a Chinease place to get them waxed. When I went in, a man said "I will be with you shortly". A few minutes later someone took me to a chair to begin the waxing and said "I will return". I sat there for twenty minutes and that man never returned. As time passed, a friendly Chinese lady came up to me and began to wax my eyebrows and was nice to me. I tipped that lady very nicely and instead of taking my tip she placed it in the register, refusing to take my tip.

This is my first week being a Muslim. I have tried to meet with some women from a few of the mosque around in this area, but to no avail. In July my fiancé finishes school and we will get married and live in Morocco. His family has much respect for me and I apprieciate that. July seems so far away from now and these Muslim-hating people do not make it any easier for me. I do not know what else to say besides that I want no one to pity me or feel sorry for me. I just would like some support from someone, so if you can help me and offer support than please do. Thank you very much for reading my story. I hope that it inspires someone else to learn about the religion and be kind to us, because Muslims are not all bad. You have to be educated to learn the difference between the two types of muslims and I encourage you to do so. Have a great day and God be with everyone in this type of situatiuon.