• Jul 23rd, 2011

    Kelly Alsuhaim

    I am 25 years old. I have been Muslim for 7 years, and since I have been Muslim I have been harassed, humiliated, beaten because people dont see the true me. They only see my headscarf. I love art, movies, rollercoasters and everything filled with adventure…

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  • Jul 19th, 2011

    Kenn Jacobine

    I teach at the American School of Doha, Qatar in the Middle East. About 50 percent of our students are U.S. passport holders. A large portion of them are of Middle Eastern (Islamic) descent. Each has a different story but mostly their parents went to school, worked, and raised a family for some time period in the U.S…

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  • Jul 07th, 2011


    I am not an American citizen - I'm from over the pond - but came across the 'myfellow american' site having been contacted by Elizabeth Potter - I think that she had read one or more of my blogs (http://arbeale.blogspot.com/). Elizabeth sent me the video which I found powerful, pertinent and thought provoking.

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  • Jul 01st, 2011


    I choose this title, "Friends in Need," for its double-edged meeting: I am thankful to my Muslim friends who have been friends to me in need: there when I've needed them-kind, patient, shoulders to cry on, allies in struggle and sometimes simply cracking me up to take my mind off my troubles.

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